What is a Democracy

A democracy is when people choose. People vote for what they want. You can choose what you want to do. In a democracy the people choose. A democracy is were the people get what they want. It is the only far way of life.


There are flying cars here in the future. We have found aliens on Mars. There was resently a war between us and Mars. We beat Mars with the help of are super duper guns that are attached to our super jet planes. There are also hover shoes so we can fly. It is awesome.


My name is Steven. I am smart and talented. Next year I will be going to Xavier. It is a privatehigh school. I am a first degree black belt in Cheezic Tang So Doo. I like the Red Sox. I am going to the second game of the season. It is verse Tampa Bay. I have front row seats behind home plate. I also like the Giants. Plexico is still one of my favorite players even though what happened to him.


Many kids are picked on at shool by bullys. Most of these kids are scared of telling on the bullys. The kids think that the bully will beat them up or make fun of them even more if they tell on them. But for the people out there reading this I just want you to know that if you tell a teacher you will be fine. Most bullys will say something like I’ll kill you if you tell on me, but they won’t they just say that to scare you from telling anyone.

Socal studys

Today in class I was very upset. My teacher wasn’t there. I almost cried when I walked into class and Mr. Bogush wasn’t there. Mr. Bogush please be there tomarrow. So I don’t cry again. Mr. H. was ok, But I had a question for you that I couldn’t ask.

My wonderful place.

My wonderful place is at my karate studio. I’m free there to do whatever I want. I like to go there with my fellow black belts and lower ranks. As you can tell I do karate there. I am a first degree black belt. I love going to karate. I teach two classes on Monday when I get a chance; don’t always teach on Monday because I can’t always make it there. Then, on Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday I go to class. Also on Saturday I have demo team. Demo team is for more advanced karate. Then, we put on demos to show people what we do, and to make them want to join karate.

My Speech

Don’t think that everything is going to be perfect right away America. It is going to take time, and some hard work to make all Americans live better lives, but I will make you all have a better life. Starting today, we all will change. Starting today I am going to make America a better place. I am going to restore America. Our power is going to grow. We are the ones who decide what happens in the United States. No one else can tell you what to do. You can decide what you do in your life and how you want to do it. This is the home of the free; the land of opportunity; THIS IS AMERICA, but lately our country hasn’t been very free. I am going to make this a free country. There isn’t going to be anyone telling you what to do, and I mean anyone. You are going to live your life the way you want to live it. And if anyone tells you what to do, well you just tell them to talk with me.


God Bless America